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Chiropractic can be very helpful for moms-to-be.Happy pregnant family having fun in summer natureDuring the different stages of pregnancy, a woman’s body will undergo many changes. For example there are structural changes to the bony pelvis combined with increased hormone production (relaxin) that can create an environment of instability and sometimes bring discomfort to the mom in the process.Being under a chiropractor’s care will help ensure that as the body changes, the structure remains aligned, helping mom feel and function her best.




Careful husband is tenderly hugging his pregnant wife and his hands lay on her belly in heart shape

Chiropractic care provided during pregnancy is safe and gentle. Many patients say that chiropractic improves the way they feel during this happy time, which in turn helps them enjoy their pregnancy even more. Studies have shown getting your spine adjusted while expecting can help shorten labor time as well.

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