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Services Page-Exercise Therapy


The Wellpath Center offers customized exercise therapy for our patients to maximize their physical abilities, optimize muscular functioning, reduce back pain, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, as well as heart disease, and improve general health and well being. Exercise therapy may also be used for prevention and management of pain. This type of therapy focuses on moving the body and its different parts to relieve symptoms and improve mobility. Whether an injury is acute or chronic, exercise therapy can help with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

electrodes of tens device on shoulder, tens therapy, nerve stimulation

The Wellpath Center uses exercise equipment to guide you on your path to wellness. Every patient who comes into the exercise therapy room gets a specific program made just for them. This program may include the use of stability balls, thera-bands, wobble boards, as well as electric stimulation, and laser therapy. Every patient can benefit from exercise therapy, even if you do not have pain. Exercise therapy not only helps reduce pain and the onset of injuries, but also improves wellness and the proper function of the body. Exercise therapy is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. Schedule now to have a customized exercise program made just for you.

This kind of taping is called "Kinesiotape". Its purpose is to detonisize the muscle to reduce pain. In some cases you can also tonisize the muscle.