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Runner leg and muscle pain during running training outdoors in summer nature

Let’s face it: life can get messy.

Despite good intentions, accidents happen.

Pain management, exercise, nutrition, and a positive outlook are the four cornerstones of The Wellpath Center’s focus for you.

Whether a sports injury, a vehicular collision, a fall or slip, an act of nature, or a mechanical failure, the injury may be acute and recuperation may be lengthy.

Combined with everyday stressors—poor posture, lugging heavy briefcases or handbags, alcohol or drug abuse, poor dietary habits, long work hours, poor sleep, or even chronic despair—the nervous system is compromised. This makes your body less flexible, less resilient, and more hospitable to disease in addition to your injury.

Regardless of severity, your treatment at The Wellpath Center will ensure the best recovery possible. We will work with your medical doctors, physical therapists, mental health care professionals, and others to co-create a wellness strategy for you.

Extreme cases such as this usually require frequent visits, but visits can be reduced as your condition improves.

Acute pain in a woman back