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Pediatric Care

Kids love chiropractic

Children should be checked by a chiropractor as a normal part of post-natal care to facilitate optimum growth and development. Childbirth is physically stressful for both mother and child, and gentle adjustments can help your child to get the best start possible in life.

As children get older, they benefit from regular chiropractic check-ups. From tumbles when learning to walk to falling off monkey bars, crashes on bikes and skateboards, tackles while playing sports, to sleeping positions and slouched posture, harmful and seeming harmless activities can disturb the integrity of the nervous system. Subluxations are common in children and often go undetected.

Historically, a child’s health was defined by an absence of symptoms. We know better today: good health is marked by the ability of a child’s body to interpret—and then appropriately respond to—environmental and lifestyle stresses. This ability is controlled by the nervous system, which regulates the immune system, growth, repair, and the function of every tissue and organ in the body. A disturbance in nervous system function caused by physical, chemical or emotional stresses, create spinal subluxations, which are easily and gently corrected by your chiropractor.

Child with tablet pc outdoors. Little girl on grass with computerAs important as an adjustment can be for correcting structural imbalances, the impact on the nervous system explains why many parents find adjustments improve both immune system function and the overall health and wellbeing of their children. From ear infections to allergies, and colic to constipation, parents are seeing improvement in their children’s health from these complaints, and much more. Negative patterns, if laid down early in life, may persist and limit a child from achieving their full potential for optimal health. The sooner these interferences are detected and corrected, the sooner your child’s body can begin functioning at its optimal potential.