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How Can Wellpath Help?


A Broad Spectrum of Support

While the foundation of The Wellpath Center is chiropractic care, the practice has expanded to include other holistic disciplines:  massage therapy,  nutrition, and supplement recommendations.

As other services were added, several chiropractic specialties have developed:

  • Pregnancy and Pediatric; for expectant mothers, infants, and children.
  • Athletics; for serious athletes and weekend warriors.
  • Injury Care; after accidents of all kinds.

The Wellpath Center Promotes Wellness

The practitioners at the The Wellpath Center have tools, techniques, and skills available to assist you on the path to wellness. They will take the time to understand your situation, your history, your lifestyle and your goals, plus they will help you create a plan to attain wellness and stay well.

See if The Wellpath Center is Right for You

If a more holistic approach to health is something you’re interested in but not familiar with, The Wellpath Center is the ideal place to begin.

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