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Six Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold + Flu Season


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Holiday season is here! We all look forward to this time of year, spending time with loved ones, eating great food, and of course getting presents! However, with this joyous season also comes cold weather, which means cold and flu season.  Of course, the main thing to do is keep your immune system working at 100% by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Here are some other good habits that can help prevent getting sick.

No. 1 Wash Your Hands.
There are germs everywhere, and we pick them up without ever knowing it. If a sink with water and soap are not available, try and carry some alcohol based anti-bacterial solution.

No. 2 Avoid Sugar.
This substance puts incredible stress on your immune system, making it harder to stay well.

No. 3 Avoid Close Contact with People Who are Sick and Stay Home When You are Sick.
The first statement seems like common sense. However, many people try and work with various ailments, putting other people in danger of getting sick. If you are sick, please stay home!

No. 4 Cover Up
Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Again, this is to prevent others from getting sick.

No. 5 Avoid touching your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth
Germs are spread when someone touches something contaminated and then wipes their eyes, mouth, or nose.

No. 6 Keep your Home and Work Space Clean
Increased cleanliness directly correlates with decreased risk of sickness.

And, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat right!

Photo by Elena Elisseeva | Shutterstock