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Which Water Bottles Do I Use?

The Wellpath Center Water BottlesBPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is a compound found in hard, clear polycarbonate plastic bottles. The US government’s National Toxicology Program recognized that BPA is leaching from the plastic into the water.

BPA mimics the effect of estrogen, which interferes with hormone levels. People exposed to high levels of BPA have a greater risk of developing uterine fibroids, breast cancer, decreases sperm count and increased risk of prostate cancer. Babies and children are at a greater risk.

How to avoid BPA?
Buy bottles that say BPA FREE. Glass Bottles or stainless steel bottles are best.
If you buy plastic bottles, check the recycling symbol on your bottle: #2HDPE, #4 LDPE, #5 PP are fine. Most bottles are #1 which contain BPA.

The sporty hard, plastic bottle “NALGENE” are #7 and may leach BPA, unless they say BPA free.

In 2007 a billion dollar class action suit was commenced against GERBER, PLAYTEX, EVENFLO, AVENT, AND DR BROWNS for harm done to babies caused by drinking out the baby bottles and zippy cups containing BPA.