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Amazing pre and postnatal care

Dr. Charlie adjusted me through my entire pregnancy. His gentile adjustments were a lifesaver! Because my daughter was so high, my ribs regularly popped out of place causing a lot of pain. He was able to adjust my ribs making my pregnancy much more comfortable. He also helped with my back pain and used the Webster’s Technique to ensure my baby was head down.

I also received prenatal massages from Carla and Alex and reflexology from Cully all of which were amazing and helped me relax, even when I went past my due date.

Very thorough!

I had been receiving chiropractic care elsewhere and could not believe how much more thorough Wellpath Center is. I highly recommend Dr. Charlie. The entire staff is extremely accommodating and helpful!

Best chiropractor and massage therapists around

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Charlie! I have been to multiple Chiropractic offices in the past and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. They really do care about their patients and take their time to really figure out how they can help you. I have also gotten a massage from their massage therapist and it was amazing! I suffered from a lot of headaches and ear infections in the past and since coming here I haven’t had one. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Kennesaw/Acworth area you definitely need to go to The Wellpath Center!

The best chiropractic care for my whole family.

My family and I have been adjusted by the chiropractors at the Wellpath Center for over 4 years. We have always received great care from everyone. They adjusted me during my pregnancies and not only did it help me with pain during pregnancy, but I truly believe my labor and deliveries benefited from all the chiropractic care. My labor as a first time mom was just 6 hours. They have also adjusted both my kids from when they were first born and on. The Wellpath Center is definitely the best for both care and price if you need prenatal adjustments, family and children adjustments, or anything else! They deeply care about everyone’s health, but we have experienced it especially with pregnancy and small children!

Chronic migraines are a thing of the past!

Before going to see Dr. Charlie I suffered from at least one migraine a week and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Since starting chiropractic care, I have never felt better! I hardly get migraines anymore and my neck and shoulder feel great. The massage therapists are also all great, especially if you workout frequently. I highly recommend the Wellpath Center!

To give our student athletes the best overall health care

We are very happy to announce SPSU’s partnership with Wellpath Center.  In an effort to give our student athletes the best overall health care, and the competitive advantage that others do not have, we have enlisted the services of Dr. Heather Davis and her staff.   This is an important step in our progression as a nationally recognized program and we feel that Wellpath Center fits our athletic needs perfectly!

Kom Momeni
SPSU Soccer

We were able to get our athletes back to playing full force in no time!

I have had the pleasure of working with the Wellpath staff for Southern Poly’s 2011-2012 seasons. I can say that it’s an amazing help when it comes to recovery time of athletic injuries. I have had student athletes come in with both minor and major injuries and with the combination of chiropractic adjustments, modalities, and rehabilitation; we were able to get our athletes back to playing full force in no time! It has made a dramatic impact on the overall healthcare that the student athletes receive and will help them achieve their maximum potential. The Wellpath Center is and will continue to be a part of Southern Poly Athletics!

Joshua Martin, MA, ATC, LAT
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Southern Polytechnic State University

Joshua Martin, MA, ATC, LAT
Southern Polytechnic State University

Baby A was Breech and Baby B was Transverse at 32 Weeks

Webster technique turned twins

At 32 weeks pregnant with twins an ultrasound revealed that Baby A was breech and Baby B was transverse. This positioning would have forced me to deliver my babies via caesarean section. I was told that it was “not likely” that they would turn due to lack of space at that point in pregnancy and it would “be a miracle” if they did. A friend recommended that I try the Webster technique. I really did not want to have a c-section so I decided to give it a try. My first visit was at one day shy of 33 weeks pregnant. After 3 visits of doing the Webster technique I had another ultrasound appointment. I was elated to learn that Baby A had turned completely head down! Baby B is still not fully in head down position but the perinatologist is confident that she will turn once Baby A is born.

I was also having low back pain related to pregnancy and carrying a big belly around all day. Regular adjustments have relieved that and have made walking much more comfortable.

Amanda K.