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Because chiropractic is based on the simple principle that the body can heal itself, it is a natural, drug-free healthcare alternative that is safe for people of all ages. In fact, children benefit greatly from chiropractic care. When the nervous system is affected by subluxation, the function of the body is reduced. This can affect a child’s immune system, digestive system, concentration, and much more. Many times subluxations are present in children but go unnoticed for many years because the symptoms may not be present or may be treated in other ways.

A chiropractor is trained to detect subluxations and correct them using adjustments that are gentle and adapted for children. By removing the interference to the nervous system that is caused by subluxations, kids are able to function at their optimal potential. Many parents who bring their kids to The Wellpath Center say their children get sick less often, sleep better, and are happier and healthier because of their chiropractic care.

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