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Back-to-school basics


Can you believe that a new school year is already here? With a new school year comes excitement, nerves, or both. Whether your child is excited for school or is a bit nervous for the new year, here are a few easy steps that you can take to help make the transition from summer to school a smooth one:

  1. Don’t over pack their backpack: An over-stuffed, incorrectly packed or worn backpack can result in a serious injury and affect a child’s developing spine. It is important that your child uses both shoulder straps and the waist strap while they are carrying their backpack and the pack should weight NO MORE than 10% of your child’s body weight. A backpack that is too heavy can cause early childhood neck and back pain and even scoliosis.
  2. Stick to a bedtime routine: We know, easier said than done. Adequate sleep promotes focus and learning making it essential for your little one. It is likely they will have some back to school jitters, so if you start ahead of time it will make the first night before school starts a bit easier.
  3. Kickoff the school day with a healthy breakfast: We have all heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting off with a complete, healthy breakfast like oatmeal or eggs (rather than a sugary cereal) will fuel your child for a full day of learning.  If your child is not hungry when they first wake up, no problem – pack some healthy, on-the-go options such as trail mix or a banana with peanut butter to eat on their way to school.

As always, we also recommend regular chiropractic care to keep your children upright and aligned. Come visit us today at the Wellpath Center to ensure your child is free from neck and back pain associated with sitting at a desk all day, hunching over on the computer screen and general growing pains they may experience. Call us today to schedule your appointment: 770-218- 1166