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Chiropractic and Newborns

The Wellpath Center NewbornsChiropractic is not only safe for both the expectant mother and infant but it can offer effective relief for many common problems.

During the birth process, a newborn’s head is often pulled while in a twisted position to assist in the delivery. If the mother is lying on her back, she does not have the advantage of gravity which means more force may need to be used. The majority of newborns we examine in our office already have at least a mild misalignment in their neck just from being born. A misalignment in the neck can interfere with the delicate nerve fibers surrounding it. This area is critical to the baby’s ability to regulate temperature, breathing, suckling, pressure in the ears and sinuses. All of which are related to common health concerns of the newborn such as breathing concerns, breastfeeding difficulty’s, digestive upsets, colic, sleep disturbances and ear infections.

After delivery, one of our patients recognized that her baby girl was not nursing equally from both sides. When mom brought this beautiful baby girl to us, she was fussy and had not been sleeping well. An examination of her spine revealed that she had a misalignment of the top bone in her neck. This bone allows for turning of the head and is often the culprit when a baby has nursing difficulties. A gentle adjustment was made to correct the misalignment, the motion was found to be equal on both sides and baby fell asleep before she and mom left the office. Our new mom later reported that after just one adjustment, baby was already nursing and moving her head better. By the second adjustment, baby was sleeping better and all symptoms were resolved.

More mothers are discovering chiropractic as a safe, natural form of healthcare for themselves and their families. Having a happy, healthy baby without the worry of side effects is something we can all feel good about.