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Making the Most of Retirement

The Wellpath CenterWhile you may not be entering retirement yourself, many of us have loved ones who are making that transition right now. Retirement can be the period of life that is most exciting – or the one that’s most frightening.  Many ambitious and dedicated business people feel lost after retirement, because their “purpose” – in their minds – was to work.

Donna Bradshaw, a career consultant and transition coach, suggests these ten ways to make the most of retirement:

  1. Create a great social life. Stay connected with friends and reach out to make new friends.  Look at hobbies and interests, and see if there is a club or association that revolves around them. Connect with people who share a common bond automatically.
  2. Don’t actually retire. Instead, look for a part-time job that follows a dream or indulges a passion.  Give in to a love of books by working part-time at a bookstore. If sewing, or being a shade-tree mechanic, is a favorite pastime, check out working in a place that’s centered on a favorite activity. Mature workers are an asset to the enterprise and a role model for younger workers.
  3. Work on health. Health condition affects every area of life.  Stay current with checkups, follow the doctor’s advice on healthy habits, and look for activities that promote a sense of well-being.
  4. Be the event planner.  Instead of waiting for friends to call you, step up and be the organizer.  Throw a party, plan a luncheon or a day trip.  Don’t worry about always being the one who initiates the action – enjoy it and accept the thanks from friends.
  5. Stay in shape. Exercise makes people feel better, and the better people feel, the more they will want to do. Talk to a healthcare provider about what exercise program could work, and get started – start out slowly, and before long, workouts will be fun.
  6. Take up a cause. Take a step and make a contribution for a cause that affects many people, and gain fulfillment while  helping others. Volunteering feels good.
  7. Make friends with a computer. Even after avoiding the technology age at work, embrace it in retirement.  Learn how to surf, email, chat and blog. Stay current and stay in touch.
  8. Dress for today. Toss out those old clothes  – carefully maintained for the last 10 years, and find some new styles that are current.  Look at a new hair cut that’s in keeping with today’s styles.
  9. Reach for those dreams.  All of us have a list in the back of our minds… “when I have more time, I’ll…”  Whatever those things are, now is the time. Write down the list, prioritize the items, and make a plan to get them done.  Look down the road five years, 10 years, then 15 years and beyond.
  10. Activate the attitude. By looking forward to each day, having goals, making plans and staying connected, this new positive attitude will help create an energetic and eager retirement.

For our loved ones, improving the quality of life is just as important as increasing the quantity of years.

Research suggests that our Seniors who receive ongoing chiropractic care are:

  • more likely to exercise vigorously
  • less likely to be hospitalized
  • less likely to need to use a nursing home
  • more likely to report a better health status
  • less likely to need prescription drugs
  • more likely to be active in the community.

Please share this information with a soon-to-be-retiring loved one and support them as they begin to take advantage of the freedom to make a memory each and every day.